Design ideas

Some design ideas

Many clients have no idea what they would like their site to look like. The following are here just to give you a few examples of what is possible and how responsive sites can work to promote your business

Pick an idea - choose some colours and we'll start putting something together for you as a starting point

All of these designs can be modified to suit your own unique requirements and what's more impressive is that our coding allows us to completely change the design and feel of a site without needing to re-enter your copy or images!

Sample Design 1

Sample front page of multi page site

Sample Design 2

One one page landing site

Sample Design 3

Bespoke design with on page indexing

Sample Design 4

Sample news blog idea

Sample Design 5

Sample landing page

Sample Design 6

Photography example

Sample Design 7

Multi page menu

Sample Design 8

Multi page tourist site with photography

Sample Design 9

Landing page for a yacht basin