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Print Design

Without programs such as In-line, Pagemaker and Quark Express, using a linux operating system was very limiting for graphic work. But these days we are able to access some of the most innovative programs on the open source market. Scribus does exactly the same as the Adobe software without the cost implications.

The Gimp photo editing suite offers far more flexibility, not only for use on the Internet, but in print and publicity material.

We don't even need to use Acrobat for PDF's production as all Linux operating system now come with an open source PDF creator as part of the basic install.

So the next time you are planning on creating a brochure, advert or publicity display remember to call us first and see how our price compares to your current suppliers.


Forget day rates and royalty fees for ongoing use of photographs that you have already paid for. We have been commissioned over the years to take photographs at various locations around the UK on a strict budget. We took hundreds of images for the client and despite the number of times these were used in their various publicity and promotional material, the price stayed as a fixed cost.

We also have access to thousands of royalty free images which can be used in print or on the Internet without incurring any fees, although we do include a link reference to the original photographers who have been kind enough to donate their images so the next time you need photography call us first.

Print Examples

Magazine example

Advert example

Magazine example