Content is key !

There are


websites in the World as of June 2018.

Without some form of SEO, your site will struggle for visibility !

SEO or search engine optimisation , to give it it's full name is the art of ranking your site on the various search engines such as Google. Having been in the Internet industry virtually since it was text only pages, and worked on the early coding for Netscape, we know all of the in's and out's of how the search engines operate.

It is an ever changing landscape with Google delivering new criteria for how they search pages every few months. The latest one gave a higher priority to mobile friendly pages, and many clients will soon see a decline in their positioning if they continue using the old style xhtml and non-responsiove html formats.

Other issues such as requiring secure servers will start to bite into their positioning as the months go by, so too will sites that are not updated.

We often say to our clients, that if you saw the same headline and images on your local newspaper every week, why would you bother reading it ? The same applies to your web site.

You have to work on your pages and content on a regular basis and thankfully our price for helping you do just that are low enough to suit virtually every business.

So if content is key to improving your ranking, changing your sites images and text is paramount. Whilst any search engine optimisation can increase your visibility, nothing works in isolation. You need good social media activity, active reciprocal links, and the combination will increase your visibility.