We provide some of the most secure websites currently available. Whilst Wordpress maybe your first choice - our solutions provide closed server access, which means no one but Marine Marketing can get into the server.
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Provide us with the copy - images and ideal colours you would like used and we'll put together a couple of designs for you. We only bill you once designs have been approved.
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Domain Registration

We can register new domain quickly and efficiently, obtaining the best prices for everything from to .com and all of the new tags. We are currently hosting several sites with domain tags such as .solutions, .foundation and .community etc. Just ask us and we'll tell you what's avaialble for your prferred domain name. All registrations are listed as registrered to your company and you will need to provide company registration details if you are limited. Partnerships and sole traders now have to be registered to individuals, so please ensure you provide us with the relevant information. All domain are automatically renewed each year and billed accordingly to your business

Responsive Web Design

Regardless of the platform chosen for your website development, most now use Twitter's Bootstrap 12 column format to manage their page layouts.

Our designers not only enjoy the flexibility this program provides, but have the skills to push the boundaries, ensuring pages are delivered to your customers and keep their attention.

Google now gives a higher priority in search results for mobile friendly web pages. Those sites still using the older page formats will still appear, but if the competition has already migrated to a newer format you could well be losing business.

Our bootstrap formats use base modules which means we can produce pages faster and changes can be made within minutes. The style sheets dictate how the modules look and perform and being Linux based we no longer have to buy into expensive monthly software usage, which means we don't need to charge our clients over inflated prices, to cover our running costs.

Ad-hoc services

An increasing number of clients use us for their excess work loads, ranging from web site updates to coding requirements such as add on patches and updates. All we need is your login details for your FTP servers and we charge our time out at just £40 per hour.

Print & Advertising design

With access to some of the countries best print facilities we can often find you a price for printing that is well below your local rates. What's more we give you the contact details so you can place your own orders. If you require advertsing material we can supply pdf formats as well as conventional tif files to suit most publications requirements and at just £40 a hour, your promotional material no longer needs to be expensive. A conventional double sided leaflet folded into 1/3rd A4 typically bills out at just £250 - £300.

We have put together so design ideas to help you with design

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