Social Media


Which platforms

do you use

and how often should you update your pages ?

Ideally you should be adding content to your social media sites every week.

The problem for many of our clients is lack of time. Most are simply too busy delivering services to their clients to worry about spending time on a computer adding information.

A quick emaill or text message with a photograph taken on site is all it takes for us to add the content for you.

With Facebook and Twitter accounts linked we can add new items in a matter of minutes.

The same applies to social media as with the content of your web site, if you saw the same headline and images on your local newspaper every week, why would you bother reading it ? Everything you produce online has to be current and up to date.

Our minimum contract period is three months at £100 per month, but we require access to your pages at least a month prior to starting any contract in order to established a baseline for readership and connectivity.

So before you employ a full time media specislist at around £35k a year, call us and find out how we can help and find out just how cost effective we can be..